Final exam projects

Europe in the world Final projects Spring 2017.

Alexander Hendriks: KOSOVO 2017 Making or Breaking Europe’s Youngest Nation
Bennet Nichol & Ghima Mohsen: Turkey’s Turning Point Following Turkey’s Departure from Democracy
Emily Jarvie & Miriam Deprez: Facing Globalisation. How globalisation reinforces Icelandic youth identity and helps shape a unique youth culture in Iceland.
Helena Cazaerck & Francisca Velasco: Roma Integration Beyond Discrimination
Marijn and Matthias: Made in Scampia Marijn and Matthias. source list
Noa Groves & Emil Larsen: Suicide in Lithuania
Samantha and Fieke: A Macedonian mess fyrom`s prerogative to change Samantha and Fieke.source list
Sergei Filatov: Ventspils: secrets and problems of the richest town in Latvia
Tessa Fox: The Ongoing Kurdish Issue in Turkey “Kurds can be everything in this country except Kurds”
Tihomira and Anne-Laure: Old habits die hard

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