Scanpix (Ritzau Scanpix)

For access to Scanpix (Ritzau Scanpix), go to URL
Click “log in”.
User name: dmjx
Access code: Sommer18Juli
If asked NEVER change the access code
The Danish School of Media and Journalism’s current contract with Scanpix entails:
// Photographs must ALWAYS be credited.
// Photographs may only be used in connection with the course and may not be made public.
// Photographs may not be published outside the Danish School of Media and Journalism,
except, of course, in connection with publishing assignments on the schools website
// Photographs may not be used commercially or for marketing without special permission
from Scanpix.
// If you wish to publish, the photograph can be purchased and payment made DIRECTLY to Scanpix.
// There will always be a watermark on the photograph.
// Photographs may not be archived or saved electronically.
// These guidelines must be followed, otherwise a penalty must be payed