All databases

News in English
Copenhagen Post Danish news in English
Copenhagen Post E-paper Official Danish website. Useful information about Denmark, including news.
NexisUni. Fulltext articles from hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world.
PressReader. 7300 newspapers and magazines from 130 countries around the world. Please remember that by downloading the application PressReader you can download 5 newspapers each day to your smartphone or tablet device.

Articles and background
SAGE Journals. Thousands of articles from 700 peer reviewed scientific journals.
BBC Academy. BBC’s teaching- and researchmaterials for television, radio and web.
LinkedIn Learning. Presentations and tutorials of softwareprogrammes. Access with DMJX login

Statistics Denmark. Official statistics about the Danish society.

Pictures and sound
Besides the databases on the website it is possible to use a couple of databases with pictures and sound.
To get access you have to contact the library

Colourbox: Image database where you download images for educational use.
Read more about content and use here:

Ritzau Scanpix: Image database where you download images with a watermark for educational use. See the guidelines below:

Use of Conduct Ritzau Scanpix
The Danish School of Media and Journalism’s current contract with Ritzau Scanpix entails:

• Photographs must ALWAYS be credited.
• Photographs may only be used in connection with the study program and may not be made public.
• Photographs may not be published outside the Danish School of Media and Journalism, except, of course, in connection with published assignments at
• Photographs may not be used commercially or for marketing without special permission from Scanpix.
• If you wish to publish, the photograph may be purchased and payment made DIRECTLY to Scanpix.
• There will always be a watermark on the photograph.
• Photographs may not be archived or saved electronically.
• These guidelines must be followed, otherwise a penalty must be payed.

If asked NEVER change the access code

Find the Tune is a database of music and sound effects for use in educational productions.